Successful Marketing



Move to the Top of the Highest-Paid Profession in the World! In virtually every business, large or small, nothing happens until a sale is made. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that salespeople enjoy some of the world’s highest incomes. In this presentation, the first in a multi-part mini-series called

Successful Marketing, you’ll learn the closely guarded secrets of the leading sales professionals that can catapult your sales income to a level that most people only dream of. Most salespeople discover that their effectiveness increases immediately once they learn to recognize and shatter the four Deadly SALES MYTHS that keep most of us from ever operating at even close to our full capacity. How many of these myths have strangled your sales career, or kept you from ever attempting to sell your products or services, or even yourself, your skills, or your personal worth for their real value? Next, you’ll be introduced to ten, powerful MARKETING CONCEPTS that virtually all the world’s greatest salespeople use every day.

Nearly every seasoned salesperson will have heard of at least part of one or two of these devastatingly effective concepts. But, research has shown that only the leaders at the very forefront of the sales profession know and routinely use all ten of them all the time. When you have mastered these techniques yourself and make their use a regular practice in your professional life, you can expect to join the privileged ranks of the world’s sales leaders. Finally, it is important to remember that the same set of psychological factors that apply in face-to-face selling also apply to writing print and broadcast advertising. Great advertising is nothing more than great salespersonship in print or on film. Master the principles of direct marketing, and you master the principles of all marketing. This special multi-recording presentation is designed to help you do just that.

Total Running Time: 116 minutes.

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