The Accidental Tour Guide


The Accidental Tour Guide Use this Surprisingly Effective Profit-Making Technique Anywhere on Earth! You don’t have to own an airline, a travel agency, or even a hotel to earn a substantial income in the multi-billion-dollar tour and travel market.

There are hundreds of profitable opportunities that you can capitalize upon or even create out of nothing that could double or even triple your income in the next year. One teenager used techniques you’ll learn about in this audio cassette presentation to launch his own tour business from a city street comer.

Using only the money he’d saved from his allowance as start-up capital, and without paying rent, or hiring employees, he earned enough in one summer to afford a five-bedroom house with a swimming pool and private tennis courts. Even more amazing, anyone could have done what he did. No special talents, influential friends, or even luck were involved. Living in a large city or a recognized tourist location is also often unnecessary.

A young art student used still another technique, that you’ll learn about, to discover a tourist attraction valued at over one million dollars, in a hay barn in Colorado.

If you can read and write, and own the simple cassette recorder needed to listen to this audio cassette presentation, you can learn how to create audio tours that generate income for you while you sleep, lay on a sunny beach, or even travel to the far comers of the earth as a tourist yourself. You’ll learn about one man who used these simple methods to create an audio tour business capable of producing up to $12,000 per month after expenses. And, other people do virtually all his work for him. Best of all, you can use this technique anywhere on earth. And, while most new businesses require up to three years to return a profit, you may be able to recover the incredibly small investment required with this easy, Accidental Tour Guide business, and perhaps earn a profit on your first day in business

Running Time 37 mins

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*Please note: Generally, it takes a few sessions of listening to recall all the information on an audio recording. Therefore, To fully benefit It is recommended to play this audio recording on a regular basis

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