Succeed in Direct Mail


You Can Succeed in Direct Mail Learning the inside marketing techniques of Direct Mail can bring you a lifetime of income. This dual audio recording presentation reveals the essential, inside information that can help you launch a successful direct mail business right from the beginning. First, you’ll learn how to effectively create and use the most powerful weapon in the entire direct mail arsenal, the sales letter. You’ll learn the best way to word it, shape it, type it, sign it, and fill it with multiple, irresistibly persuasive appeals to produce a finished product that will literally compel your readers to beat a path to your mailbox.

Next, you’ll learn 16 proven psychological techniques for dramatically increasing response to your mailings. Each one is direct mail dynamite, capable of increasing profits by up to 100% or more. And, you may use as many of these as you choose in your very next direct mail project. Then, you’ll discover the high-speed layout and design secrets of the most creative and productive graphic artists in the world. Use these methods to create a powerful, artistically striking, sales piece very quickly. When you’re ready to go to press, you’ll appreciate knowing the ten best ways of slashing printing costs. Every penny you save in printing is immediate extra profit.

Finally, the blockbuster is a marketing system that dwarfs all other direct mail concepts. It’s called The Indirect Mail System. What it can do for your direct mail profits will surprise even direct mail professionals. This method alone is responsible for increasing mail response by more than 1,000% in actual tests, and for increasing profits by as much as 10,000%. Use these incredible approaches effectively, and, without ever leaving home, you can earn enough in just a few years to retire in comfort for the rest of your life. Mail order is the ideal business.  

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*Please note: Generally, it takes a few sessions of listening to recall all the information on an audio recording. Therefore, To fully benefit It is recommended to play this audio recording on a regular basis


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