Publicity Power


Get a Fortune in Free Advertising!

When you have to pay for it, it’s called ADVERTISING. But, when you don’t have to pay for it, it’s called PUBLICITY.

Few things are more powerful in shaping a public image or influencing personal or business success than publicity. Its effect can be positive or negative, planned or unplanned, local or even global, but it’s often overwhelming influence is always unmistakable. By learning to use publicity to your advantage, you can promote practically anyone or anything with little or no cost.

Would you like to expand the volume of your business? Or, would you like to make your product, service, or company a household word without committing any funds to an advertising budget? If you want to make more sales, recruit more salespeople, get an offer on television, broaden your list of clients, or dramatically further your own career, you need the powerful techniques presented in the dynamic audiocassette presentation, entitled PUBLICITY POWER. Most people walk past priceless publicity opportunities every day without ever noticing them.

At least two PUBLICITY POWER tools can be used by nearly everyone several times a day to increase and glamorize your image, your popularity, and prestige at work, your employment position, and even increase your salary. These techniques cost almost nothing to put into practice, and you can use them almost immediately. But, they could add as much as $100,000.00 to your net worth in the next 24 to 48 months. If you forget all the other publicity techniques and use only these two, you can still expect to double your lifetime earning potential. But, this presentation is packed with far more amazing methods. Learn the single promotional stunt that an unknown Vaudeville performer used to skyrocket his career and become one of the highest-paid performers in history, earning the equivalent of $125,000.00 a week.

The idea behind this is when all other methods fail, you can use the one publicity technique that always works. One virtually unknown writer, who simply couldn’t get published, used it to become one of the most respected author dramatists and critics of his day. And, it is a technique that anyone can use, without the need for talent, practice, or any money at all. This fail-safe, the sure-fire method will cause your jaw to drop in amazement. And, you may be able to use it instantly. Getting publicity is a simple step-by-step process. Once you know the steps and are careful not to leave out even one of the essential steps, you’ll get the publicity you’re after. Learn what to do and how to do it to generate media excitement wherever and whenever you wish. Use these high-powered, Media-Promotion Power Tools to:

Whatever you want to do, PUBLICITY POWER can help you do it with flair and dazzle, to achieve results more dramatic than you ever dreamed possible. Dr. Dän Lee Dimke makes these dynamite approaches fun to listen to and easy to use. Order a copy right now and start enjoying your share of wealth, power, and popularity by learning to wield the power of publicity yourself.

Running Time 41 mins

Downloadable Immediately after purchase.

Audio MP3 Version – £9.99  

*Please note: Generally, it takes a few sessions of listening to recall all the information on an audio recording. Therefore, To fully benefit It is recommended to play this audio recording on a regular basis

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