How to build a large successful MLM Long-Distance service network




Excel was founded in 1988 by Dallas entrepreneur Kenny Troutt and Steve Smith as a long-distance reseller in the US telecom sector at the birth of telecom deregulation. In the mid-1980s, Steve Smith developed an interest in the network marketing business model. He recognized the marketing and compensation strategy was ideally suited for the marketing and distribution of services, rather than physical products. He designed and deployed his network-marketing strategy at a telecommunication startup company; this concept quickly grew to become Excel—a billion-dollar publicly traded long-distance company.

Excel reached a billion dollars in revenues nine years faster than Microsoft was able to and became the youngest company to have ever joined the New York Stock Exchange. Many of the records set by Excel still stand today In this long-distance service network. Recording, Dan Lee Dimke Ph.D reveals HOW to build one, why you should do it, and share his best success tips.

Running Time 1 Hour 42 mins

The same principle in this recording could apply to the British Company Utilities Wharehouse

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