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CAUTION: This procedure presented in this video is NOT a cure for coronavirus! It has not yet been endorsed by any health authority. It should be ONLY be considered as one more layer of prevention IN ADDITION TO ALL OTHER PRECAUTIONS recommended by the CDC, WHO, or other health authorities – including handwashing, social distancing, coughing and sneezing into a sleeve, avoiding contact with others who display symptoms, getting tested for COVID-19 if fever and other respiratory symptoms develop, and seeking immediate medical advice if tested positive for COVID-19, or if symptoms persist or worsen. NOTE: Once the virus has migrated to the lungs, which may occur in up to 20% of patients within one to two weeks, the virus is too far from the external heat source to be substantially impacted by inhaling hot air. Benefits are likely to be highest when used for prevention and early treatment.


Dan Lee Dimke Phd

Though not yet confirmed in clinical trials, initial indications suggest that the H1N1 Flu Virus (Originally referred to in the media as “Spring 2009 Swine Flu”) is a type of virus that has the potential to respond to the ColdARREST™ procedure to significantly reduce or eliminate symptoms, particularly if used preventively, or at the earliest signs of illness.” – Dän Lee Dimke, PhD 

Since “Conquer the Common Cold and Flu” was originally written and produced, more than 30 years ago, we’ve learned considerably more about a particular class of common-cold-producing viruses, namely coronaviruses. While they were once relatively benign and appeared to live and reproduce only within the epithelial cells that line the sinuses, the SARS-CoV coronavirus and the current SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), that causes Covid-19, have, as their official title suggests, grown considerably more deadly than they were known to be in the mid 1980’s.

Please note: in the original script for this audiobook, I also found a typo that is even more significant now than then. The recorded script says, “Rhino and coronaviruses, the most heat-sensitive, may together account for up to 90% of all colds.” That statement is correct. However, the very next sentence says, “Coronaviruses are so temperature sensitive and cell-specific, in fact, that they have never been found anywhere in the body except the nasal epithelium. This was an inadvertent error. The word, “Rhinovirus” was switched with the word “Coronavirus”. The intended and correct statement should read, “Rhinoviruses, are so temperature sensitive and cell-specific, in fact, that they have never been found anywhere in the body except the nasal epithelium.”

Most coronaviruses still predominantly live and replicate in the sinuses. But, as were have more recently learned, both SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) have been found to be able to move beyond the sinuses and migrate down the trachea to the lungs by slowly, but progressively attacking adjoining epithelial cells along this path. This appears to occur only in a small percentage of patients. In even fewer instances, coronaviruses may even spread to other organs of the body including the digestive tract and liver. This appears to occur only in very elderly and immune-compromised patients who may also have one or more underlying medical conditions or patients who are taking immune-system-suppressing drugs. But, because we now know that it is possible for this to occur, it is important that it be noted, here.

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Dan Lee Dimke, PhD – February 2020

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