Acres of Diamonds


Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds (1915) by Russell H. Conwell Duration: 01:28:49 minutes

Acres of Diamonds became Russell Conwells most famous essay and speech. The inspiration for this essay occurred when traveling in Persia and Northern Africa in 1869. Over Conwell’s lifetime, he would deliver the speech over 6,000 times around the world before his death in 1925. The theme of the essay is that opportunity is often right in front of you and achievable by utilizing the gifts and resources that you already possess.

Creating wealth does not need to be complicated or forced. Success can be found where you stand, you just need to be able to see it. Often it is about fulfilling the needs of those in your own community through a positive exchange of mutual giving and receiving. And through that work, good character and good business are dependent upon one another. He explains how money is power and can be the catalyst for bettering oneself and for creating good within a community. If you understand and care about the needs of others and provide something of value to them, you will receive a material reward. And that, in turn, can be used to help more people

Running Time 89 Mins

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