Power with People




This powerful guide gives you the proven techniques of using conversational power to control the behaviour of other people in hundreds of business and social situations. In an instant, you can get anyone to do what you want when you want, the way you want—and do it gladly.

For examples, the guide shows you how to . . .

• Gain the full support and respect of other people • Silence criticism and overcome resistance to your ideas • Deliver a speech like a veteran platform professional

• Use conversational psychology to make new friends quickly

• Strike up a conversation with a total stranger

• Apply conversational skills to speed your career advancement • And much more Once you learn these simple methods of verbal persuasion, you’ll wield an almost magical power over anyone—and win the respect, support, and friendship of everyone you meet!


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*Please note: Generally, it takes a few sessions of listening to recall all the information on an audio recording. Therefore, To fully benefit It is recommended to play this audio recording on a regular basis If you like what you hear, why not join or Affiliation and receive a discount on your future purchases
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