Getting Through to People

By Jesse S. Nirenberg

In Getting Through to People you will discover powerful, proven ways to break through the mental and emotional barriers that obstruct the flow of ideas from one person to another. Over 300,000 people are already using these principles of effective person-to-person communication to enhance their business and personal success. Packed with dozens of amusing anecdotes and sample conversations, you will learn:

  • How to get others-even naturally shy or secretive people to open up to you.
  • The persuasive “feedback” technique gets even the most stubborn person to see things your way.
  • How to control conversations with the problem and overly emotional people.
  • The secret to holding other people’s attention.
  • How to calmly and effectively communicate your ideas to both friendly and hostile groups.
  • How to listen between the lines to determine what other people are really trying to tell you.

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Audio MP3 Version – £9.99

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