Norman Levine Series 


If Your Life Depended on it 

Conditioning to Win

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How to build a £1 million Agency Norman Levine radiates the energy of success that has inspired over half a million people from groups of 10 to 15,000 throughout the U.S. and 23 countries to move beyond the ordinary into excellence in both their professional and personal lives.

Norman is a respected author and a giant in business with extraordinary corporate and entrepreneurial achievements in the areas of sales and management. Norman Levine will not only motivate you, but he will give you the tools and significant strategies for achieving new heights of accomplishments.

Norman thrives on effectively sharing his ideas and on creating .. “Winning Relationships”. Norman G. Levine is dedicated to helping companies and individuals achieve their personal and career dreams and aspirations. Motivated people can reach their unrealized potential if they have dreams, which are converted into specific goals, which are then developed into realistic plans, which when implemented, become building blocks in their chosen career path. The Levine Formula is a proven plan for success and consists of three components that can be utilized by companies and individuals, separately or in combination, to effectively achieve career and personal objectives.

This Series has 6 recordings 1. Building a £1 million Agency 2. Recruiting tomorrow’s sales force 3. If your life depended on it 4. Believing is everything 5. Conditioning to win 6. Who killed the Sale Order Here (The large file wll be emailed)



*Please note: Generally, it takes a few sessions of listening to recall all the information on an audio recording. Therefore, To fully benefit It is recommended to play this audio recording on a regular basis


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