How to Produce your Own Subliminals

Subliminal Pictography Audience Rating: “Excellent!”

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Total Running Time: 3 hours – 4 minutes

How To Make Your Own Subliminal Recordings –

Learn how you can record subliminal suggestions that are irresistible to the subconscious mind of the listener.

“I thought making Subliminals was going to be complex, but after reading the book and listening to the tapes, it all became crystal clear.”

– P. Tuesday Baudette, Minnesota

Using the latest edition of this easy-to-follow system, designed by Dr. Dän Lee Dimke, the creator of the of MINDWRITER™ Subliminal Series, you can create your own, personalized, subliminal pictographs on cassette tape, CD and many other types of digital media. Once prepared, you can listen to them anywhere, just below the threshold of audible sound- to quietly change your thoughts, habits, or abilities, in precisely the way you desire. Striking results can occur automatically, sometimes within a matter of hours, while you’re working, driving, or even concentrating on something else. In Part 1 of this presentation, you’ll discover the latest scientific theories that explain how subliminals work and why they work so effectively. You’ll learn which suggestions are most effective, and why. Then, in the next three Parts, you’ll learn how to actually make and use subliminal recordings yourself. The step-by-step procedure shows you how to create powerful thought commands, using a cassette recorder or personal computer. Using these techniques you can create personalized subliminal recordings that will penetrate your brain like a mental laser, transforming your desires into reality. Create your own Subliminals to quietly help you stop smoking, lose weight, erase undesirable habits, or create new talents and abilities at will. Everything you’ll need to know is included. This presentation is also highly recommended for first-time Mind Writer Subliminal users to help you understand how to get the greatest benefit from your prerecorded subliminal tapes. Subliminal Pictography continues to be Future World’s best-selling audio program. Discover what all the excitement is about

Subliminal Pictography: CONTENTS  

Part 1: THE SUBLIMINAL PHENOMENON – Dual Hemispheric and Suggestion – The “Slow-Stage Dream” Discovery and its breakthrough effect on subliminal suggestion theory. How experts use the research to achieve spectacular results

 Part 2: CREATING YOUR OWN SUBLIMINALS The Secrets of Super Pictographs – Single and Multiple Recorder Techniques for actual production of masked or maskless subliminal recordings on cassettes, CD, CD-ROM, computer .wav files, floppy disks, zip disks, Internet files for use with web sites, or as e-mail attachments.

 Part 3: DIGITAL RECORDING and CD BURNING Techniques – NEW! Step-by-step instructions that can help you complete your first subliminal recording within minutes, using software you already own on your personal computer!  Unlock the potential for personalized messages that say anything you wish on an unlimited number of topics. Record once and play continuously, while you work, travel or surf the Net!

 Part 4: Professional Subliminal SOUND LIBRARY (for use in creating your own “masked subliminals”) Sound Mask 1……..THE SURF ON BALI HAI Sound Mask 2…… RAINFOREST Sound Mask 3…….JET STREAMS Sound Mask 4…….JUNGLE WATERFALL

Subliminal Pictography is a great learning tool that will allow you to create your own unique Subliminals- a skill you will use and benefit from for a lifetime. This presentation is also highly recommended for first-time MIND WRITER users in order to understand how to get the greatest benefit from your prerecorded subliminal tapes.

Subliminal Pictography continues to be Future World’s number 1 selling product, year after year! It has been particularly thrilling to hear about owners who are multi-lingual using Subliminal Pictography to create subliminal messages in their native languages – whether Czech, Chinese, or Swahili Listen to the beginning






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