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Warning this information may upset you!!

Are you….. Trapped within the circle of life?
Feeling trapped as if every thing in life seems perplexed and purposeless, are you trapped within the mundane circle of your life, going nowhere, aimless, no goals, no end in sight hopelessness, banging your head against a brick wall?

Are you…..
Trapped by society?
You have a duty, must conform, must do, have too do, expected, told what to do, ordered, when and how you must do it, are you fitting into a box culture, 9 to 5 syndrome, robot like, governed by rules, religion, exploited, brain dead?

Are you…..Trapped in your job?
Dead end, no future, no promotion, no prospects, work treadmill, clock watching, tolerate your co workers, dislike colleagues, hate the boss, waiting for retirement, monotonous, sole destroying, making your bosses rich, underpaid?

Are you….. In a money trap?
In debt, no money, owing money, mortgage, monthly bills, never enough, lack of funds, over drawn, living day to day, nothing left in your pocket, no savings, living in poverty, no pension, outstanding credit, loans, can never afford, credit card debt, juggling bills, waiting for bailiffs, hardship, bankrupt?

Are you….. Trapped by laws?
Restricted in your movement, restricted access, watching your back, waiting for a knock on the door, victimised, politicians, judges, blind justice, law of the land, road law, speed restrictions,  Politics, government, local authority, fines, law is an ass?

Are you….. Trapped emotionally?
Protective, emotion blackmail, guilt, fear, failure, children, parents, brother, sister, colleague, neighbour, partners, wife, husband, peers?

Are you….. Unhappy in life?
Feeling trapped, depressed, sad, gloomy, dejected, downcast, lost, disappointed, missed the boat, grumpy, feelings of despair, loss of direction
Too close to the truth!  Please ask yourself a question, be honest and truthful with yourself. Do any of the seven deadly traps relate to you?  Are you being held back?  Are you in control of your life? Are you Trapped?

If the answer is YES to any one of these Deadly Traps, then please read on!


How would you like to ….
FREE from the trappings of your life?

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from what society expect from you, to be independent! Break out of Conformity, the living in a box culture, have a mind of your own, knowing the truth!

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from being exploited in a dead end! FREE from the treadmill! 9 to 5 syndrome, FREE from the monotony!

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from money problems! Have money to spend! Financial Independence! Break FREE from the money trap!

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from other people and their laws, Victimisation, Politics, Government,  Religion! Beat them at their own game!

How would you like to ….
FREE from emotional ties, FREE from the burden of others, FREE from Guilt, Blackmail, Fear, Failure!

How would you like to ….
Be FREE from being Trapped and unhappy with your lot in life, FREE from depression, despair, disappointment, FREE from gloom, loss of direction, FREEfrom bad health!

You see, most people have a comfort zone in their life, innate from the World we live in, controlled and programmed by society, bosses, parents, peers, government and laws. It is no wonder that most people are trapped,  most without really knowing.


Whereby our inner Circle members are in control of their lives, they have 
FREEDOM of choice! Financial Freedom, Emotional Power, and Control
(Members Only Club)
Your Personal Invitation

Members share one thing in common. They all desire to become WEALTHY, Powerful, and FREE. Our inner Circle members are a group of people under my personal instruction. It is a “secret” group in the sense that they never meet each other and membership is completely confidential. Normal people do not suspect the existence of the group. Membership is by my personal invitation only, while the secrets of the teaching material are revealed over a period of time, as I feel they are able to absorb it. All members swear to keep the teaching materials secret.

Instead of going it alone, making mistakes, beating yourself up, and becoming trapped, why not benefit from your own personal life trainer, with tuition from someone who has already become financially independent, Free, and Powerful? Someone who has mentored millionaires, including sporting stars, and has turned many lives around for the better.

However, I have to make one thing very clear. The only thing I ask from my students is a commitment to honesty – both with themselves and towards the society in which they live. One part of the Inner Circle teaching exposes the illusions or ‘con-tricks’ which keep you poor, trapped, and powerless. To expose these illusions I have to tell you the blunt truth – about yourself and about the world. Some people find the inner Circle materials shocking, or even offensive. In short, people do not like having their security blanket snatched away from them!

So, if you are not prepared to face the illusions in life and be shown the truth, then forget about joining this group.  I will tell you here and now, that you cannot become a powerful, successful, and free individual if you ‘sign up’ for any life illusions. Money is made in this world by facing the facts of reality. Power and freedom are obtained by waking up to the truth about yourself, other people, and the world.

Are you angered or hungry enough to take control of your future
It is your birth right to obtain all that you desire in life. Whether its riches such as money, or perhaps diamonds, gold, maybe material things such as property, real estate, land, sport cars or more. Maybe you want intangible things such as tropical holidays, voyages around the world, or It could be that you desire fame and fortune or maybe just peace of mind, love health and happiness. Whatever you truly want and desire could be yours. You have in your possession the keys to unlock that door and achieve anything your heart desires. The inner Circle course is just the catechism for a life of FREEDOMPower, and WEALTH

By having studied and practised psychology for over 30 years, I am prepared to reveal secrets to you that have never been dared to put into print before. Disclosure by society, including Politicians, Psychologist and the legal profession, will not begin to teach or reveal the secrets within this course. Some may say that this course is
perhaps to controversial, yet in the right context, this like many other motivational courses, are only to help my fellow man who perhaps have been longing to rise, like the Phoenix from the ashes of depravity.

All Inner Circle members of which are passionate about  improving their finances, gaining  personal power and achieving freedom. I am their guide and teacher along this exciting path.


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The inner-Circle course is sent via eBook on the first of each month for twelve months.
Included in each monthly part are three sections; 


Life Secrets.Power Secrets.Wealth Secrets.

Section One covers Life truths & realities.

Section Two covers Freedom & Personal power.

The third section covers Wealth secrets and how to create riches and best of all how to keep them.


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(Members Only Club)

The Apprentice Millionaire Club

Turn a penny into a £1 million
A single penny could be your key to becoming financially independent within 28 steps.
The difference between you and a financial independent person (Very rich) is really all in the mind.

Would you be comfortable with £1,000,000 in the bank?
Could you handle such an amount with prudence?
Can you image having that amount or possibly more?

You may ask yourself how on earth can I make one million pounds from just one penny?

The answer; By simply doubling a single penny
For within 28 steps of doubling a penny you can achieve well over £1,000,000  (Try tapping this exercise into a calculator starting with 1 and  Double each time for up to 28 times)

However if it was as simple as that to make a million “why cant everyone do it ?”

Because “Its all in the mind” And part of the INNER circle course is to show members and guide them, by breaking it all down to a manageable project as well as conditioning the mind to handle such an amount.. In fact I expect all Inner Circle members to make at least £100,000 clear profit by the end of the 12-part course.

You can jumpstart your membership to the exclusive Wealth Creation Program within the INNER Circle by starting now! I will give you the guidance on your first step’s to becoming Financial Independence NOW!

First of all; you are not required to put one single penny piece of your own money into this system.. I will teach you the vital strategies for becoming wealthy – strategies, which change as you, get richer.

The techniques you use for making pocket change will not work when you Double Your Way To A Million. Through using my system you receive a vital training in how to make a million, ten million or even a hundred million! The really big temptation is to spend the loot as soon as you get a sizeable chunk. Please try to resist this temptation!

What Is The ‘Doubling’ Method?
The human mind is a funny thing. It can’t cope with large projects. Instructions such as: “Make one million pounds from nothing,” or “put a man on the moon” are likely to be met with inaction. The project is just too large – you cannot get your mind around it. But as every software writer, engineer or designer knows, these large projects can only be handled if they are broken down into a series of easy steps. In fact, “the longest journey starts with the first step” is a very true saying. Anything is achievable if you break it down into ‘bite-sized’ steps

The advantages of my unique doubling method are as follows: –

1. It teaches you to start from nothing. Any fool can make a million, given a ‘kick start’ of (say) half a million from ‘Daddy’, or wherever. But it takes guts, determination and real spirit to do this from nothing – flat broke. This is what I want to help you achieve.

2. It teaches you that making money is all about people, marketing and selling. Everyone is in sales. Even if you are
employed, you are selling yourself (and your skills) to your boss; day-by-day, hour-by-hour.

3. It teaches you that different strategies are required for different levels of wealth. The strategy for doubling £50 into £100 is not the same strategy for doubling £250,000 into half a million, but they both involve selling, or trading, which is the same thing.

4. It teaches you to be fearless because you don’t put one single penny of your own money into the scheme. With most ideas you are always worried about losing your ‘stake money’. There is no stake money with this system! You really (for once) have nothing to lose, and you will not have to part with one single penny piece of your money.

5. It teaches you the limits of labour. You will rapidly realise that physically working has strict limits and will not get you past step 20 at best. After that (and preferably before) you have to ‘get smart’ and start trading without adding your labour as a significant factor. Slaves labour – not you, but you haven’t realised that yet!

6. It teaches the tremendous power of breaking large tasks into small, achievable, steps. All major life-goals are reached one step at a time. But perhaps best of all, it’s FREE and it’s FUN!

The object is to start with nothing, but a single 1p and then double you’re way to over one million pounds. Surprisingly there are only 10 small steps required to jumpstart yourself onto the first ladder;

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